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Choosing the right office rental in Singapore for your business is one of the most important decisions you can make.  Location literally defines success in a number of industries and niches, and your rental expenditures can be one of your largest company outlays in terms of cash flow – meaning finding the right combination of value and features at the right price is absolutely essential to your long term success.

Companies look at office rental in Singapore for many potential reasons.  Perhaps they are relocating, and will need significantly more (or less) floor space.  Perhaps they are involved in restructuring, or are investing into expanding their offerings of products and services.  Some companies even open up satellite offices based on sales territories or prominent clients.  Regardless of why you are considering office rental in Singapore, 1 Commercial Space can help.  Here’s how:

    • Tenant-Centric Approach – 1 Commercial Space uses a tenant-centric approach to helping clients find the perfect office rental in Singapore for their needs.  We will help you analyze the current offerings on the market to choose the very best office space in the very best location for you, all based on what your cost allocation is.
    • Huge Variety of Listings – No other realtor has a wider variety of listings when it comes to office rental in Singapore than 1 Commercial Space.  Small offices, large offices, offices with attached warehouse space – no matter what you are looking for, we have you covered.  We work directly with landlords and property owners as well, thus ensuring speed and transparency in all our dealings.
    • Focus on Office Space – Last but not least, 1 Commercial Space focuses exclusively on the office space segment of Singapore’s property market.  This means that no other realtor in the area knows more about the different types of available property, typical rental costs for different types of office space, and a variety of other important factors which can potentially influence your decision.

So if your business or organization is considering relocation any time in the near future, make sure you call us!  We will work with you to determine your requirements and assist you in choosing the best office rental in Singapore for your needs, at the best rental rates.  Start off your search with some tips here.


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