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Hi there, I’m Dalen Chee and I’m a commercial broker with ERA. I have been doing real estate brokerage since 2010. My first 4 years were spent in the residential segment of the market. A chance meeting with a key director of a MNC looking for office space started me on my journey in this niche.

From then on, I’ve begun to develop a curious attachment to tall, grey and concrete structures and began falling in love with it! I have not looked back every since and my love for office spaces have not diminished. From the very first meeting with a prospective client, to trouble-shooting, negotiation, handover and even renovations, I always look forward to every office viewing.

I created this website for bosses or key personnel of SMEs, MNCs and organisations tasked with the arduous honour of finding their next office space. I’ve had the privilege of helping many of them find their next business address. Along the way, I’ve come to notice a common complaint from them, that looking for offices is hard, stressful and tiring.

Why? The lack of transparency and information are the key culprits. To make matters worse, many of them use a broker with a different focus, mainly from the residential segment. This combo is a sure recipe for wasted time and energy viewing properties with the wrong fit for the company. I’ve also heard many horror stories about people signing leases on industrial properties, thinking they were offices!

Hey! If you’re reading the above and feel like it applies to your current situation, I just want to say, I understand. I really do. That’s because I have had the privilege to help many companies on this journey that I’ve come to understand first-hand the headaches and hassles that come along with it. 

Here’s how I can help. My personal goal is to simplify the whole process and make office rental easy again. Browsing through my website is a good first step. If you are about to start on this journey, do read my tenants rental guide first. It talks about the procedures and terms used. I also have an island-wide office listing spreadsheet, which is the go-to material for customers who need to do their market research first before proposing to HQ or higher management. 

My website is all about empowering the customer to be able to make a more informed decision.

The final step is to drop me an email or give me a call and I’ll take it from there. Of course, for the laid-back customer who doesn’t want to be bothered reading all the nitty gritty stuff, then give me a call straight away! As long as the customer is able to provide me with a few key details, I am able to funnel and streamline the relevant office space to their needs. All they need to do, is turn up for the viewings. It’s that simple.

So give me a call and we can chat more over coffee.

What others say about me


We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks for your invaluable assistance to help find and secure our 1stofficial premises at Paya Lebar Square in Singapore.

Although we only have had a very short duration to work on getting our own facility from our company incorporation locally where the search starts to being fully operational, you have expressed much professionalism in helping to meet our target successfully.

As we see it, you not only provide good and trustworthy but also value-added services in support of your customer. We are much impressed and as you know, we are looking to grow our company in much longer term and needless to say we look forwards to your continuous supports and professionalism when the time come for the search for a bigger and better facility.

Again, thank you for your assistance and supports.

Soon LanOperations Director, Alderly Asia Pacific

I am writing to give Dalen Chee my highest recommendation. Dalen possesses all the attributes necessary to be an excellent real estate agent: he knows the market extremely well; he is diligent, responsive, and yet very patient with his client. Dalen is both very professional and personable. He clearly takes pride in doing a good job.

In our particular case, we have to view numerous office spaces, faced a few disappointment/rejections before we found our perfect office space and Dalen was there to keep pressing on to find us that “ideal home” for our company.

He was also a great help in the final negotiations with the new landlord to get them to meet all our requirements.

It would be hard to envision someone doing a better job than Dalen and we are happy in choosing to work with him.

Aileen QuekOperations Director, Del Monte Asia Pte Ltd

It was a pleasure to work with Dalen Chee in sourcing for our new office given our business expansion.  He was extremely thorough, resourceful and professional in every sense of the word.  In negotiating the deal with potential Landlord, Dalen played a critical role in following up and optimised our business needs.   We highly recommend his services for those who are looking to find a suitable property, either for business or residential needs

Nellie ManktelowOperations Director, Ground Labs Pte Ltd

Dalen is a responsible agent. He is our main point of contact when we were sourcing of the rental of our office unit. He is always prompt in responding to all our queries and helped to bridge the communication between us and the Landlord.

More often then not, he goes the extra mile and went above and beyond his call of duty, just to see things through.

In a nutshell, we are very satisfied with Dalen’s service. Good job!

Dennis ChenFinance Director, Octopus(Singapore) Pte Ltd

I engaged Dalen Chee to find a tenant for my office unit at Paya lebar square. Shortly after, he brought in a pharmaceutical company as the tenant. I had a great experience working with Dalen. I found him to be very responsive, understanding and friendly. He provided excellent service throughout. I have included Dalen to be one of my designated agent to help dealing with my other properties and I will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone requiring real estate help!

Mr Tay KCOwner, Paya Lebar Square

I had a great experience working with Dalen during my recent move. Dalen was able to find us a rental unit on a very short timetable – in fact, we moved into our new place 4 weeks and 1 day after I made contact with him. Dalen made himself available to answer questions or rectify problems quickly. He reminded me to take notes at every property viewing so he would understand my concerns and also to be aware of issues for future clients. I appreciate his efforts and hope to be able to work with him in the future.

Dan Z’bergQuality Manager, First Defense Services Pte Ltd
We worked with Dalen to identify and chose several deals for office space for our various business units, all within the CBD area. We were glad that Dalen highlighted several considerations and concerns to us during this process and tried hard to understand our requirements. Ultimately we were delighted with the location, terms and value of our selected units which Dalen helped to negotiate and secure. We would highly recommend his services to anyone who needs an office space!
Jonathan LowDirector, Pine Energy Pte Ltd

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