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For business men and women of Singapore, the office is one of the most important factors to consider. It is important to show your clients that you are both serious and already successful in your business dealings. A high quality and beautiful office setting can make the difference between landing a client and losing one. Enter Axa Tower: a premier office building, scaling 50 stories into Singapore’s CBD skyline.


The Axa Tower is currently undergoing renovations and improvements, however it has long been a central focal point of the CBD. The building has housed not only the office of the Prime Minister, but also several other ministries within the government. This helps bring prominence and allure to all of those who obtain an office within.

Unrivalled Features

The Axa tower, also known as 8 Shenton way, whose design is said to be inspired by a stack of coins, also has uncompromising features that make it the go-to office building destination in Singapore. If you’ve been to Singapore’s CBD, then you understand how packed full of buildings the area is. Unlike many of these buildings, the Axa Tower features a fantastic full and unblocked view of the CBD and the sea. This creates an incredible rare and immensely pleasurable setting for both you and your clients.

Whether you walk or drive, this building has kept you in mind. For those who plan to drive, more than 600 parking spaces are available. For those who plan to walk, there is a direct connection to the underground network and the Tanjong Pagar station, providing ease of access to transportation. For those who plan to use airplanes or to receive clients via the airport, there is a direct connection to Changi Airport using the Marina Coastal Expressway.

In addition, the CBD is full of local businesses that are worth exploring. It is fast becoming a place where you can not only work, but also spend your leisure time.

Offices and Retail Space

An important factor to understand is that Axa Tower also provides something special: office spaces for sale. It is quite rare to find offices for sale, as most buildings only provide the option to lease. This creates a great investment opportunity. It also ensures that you will not get your lease price raised by a landlord.

These offices spaces start at just over 700 square feet, however entire floors with multiple offices reaching a total of 15,000 square feet cumulatively are available. In addition, due to a lack of large support columns, these office spaces are very flexible in how they are able to be set up. For those in the medical field, a newly expanded medical space is now available.

Not only are spaces available for a traditional office setting, but retail spaces for businesses looking to show off and sell their products directly to customers are as well. The retail spaces are at ground floor with wall to wall glass views so that customers can spot your offerings and come right in. There are also dining options in the surrounding ground floor spaces. This enables more foot traffic to the area of your retail space, increasing the number of potential customers.

The Prime Choice

For anyone interested in finding premier office space in Singapore’s CBD, look no further. With its prominent history, updated renovations, and unrivalled million-dollar views, Axa Tower is indeed a rare gem inside the CBD.

Project  Info

  • Sizes from 750 to 14,000 sqft
  • Full floor plates available
  • Rare unblocked inspiring sea views in CBD. These views are a must see! No regrets!
  • 50 Storeys High
  • Column free layout
  • 65 years lease balance
  • Price from $2550 psf onwards

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